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Natural gemstone, hand-crafted, and eco-friendly are the mainstay for this collection

natural earth boho chic necklace earrings pendant rings eco organic green jewelry in 925 sterling silver and gold jewellery
natural earth boho chic necklace earrings pendant rings eco organic green jewelry in 925 sterling silver and gold jewellery
Organic and abstract shapes are also featured in 925 sterling silver, some with Rhodium plating, and gold, colored resin and more. Eco-friendly green jewelry made from recyclable products are also featured such as aluminum, and eco-leather.

Charlotte is wearing jewelry from the Poland Amber luxe collection



natural gemstone geode druzy drussy agate pendant sterling silver jewelry handmade in the usa free shipping



Agate druzy geode pendant

pebeta teta Sol Maria Zwierzynski Sudak laser-cut silhouette modern retro naturaleza nature jewelry

Baltic Amber intaglio pendant

green eco-friendly aluminum long earrings by perfectos dragones jewelry made in buenos aires argentina

ant bitten leaf earrings

Baltic Amber intaglio pendant

Binaria long earrings

perfectos dragones jewelry stretch bracelet in gold and silver lycra hand made in buenos aires

butterscotch flower

butterscotch green cognac Amber oval pendant

braided bracelet

butterscotch flower

butterscotch green cognac Amber oval pendant

genuine coral and turqoise gemstone earrings in the mt everest jewelry collection in sterling silver

genuine gemstone tibetan jewelry coral lapis turquoise silver pendant

tibet himalaya jewelry coral turquoise vintage gemstone pendant 925 sterling silver jewellery

Coral and Turquoise gemstone earrings

Coral Lapis Turquoise pendant

Coral Turquoise filigree pendant

Deco tri color

double sided butterscotch Baltic Amber pendant

natural gemstone druzy geode drussy agate pendant sterling silver jewelry free shipping jewellery

Deco tri color

double sided butterscotch Baltic Amber pendant

druzy purple agate pendant

military inspired trend earth tone olive bronze brown mesh metal basket weave bracelet cuff made in usa jewelry

Ferroni swirl, 16" leather

multi-color lemon yellow green honey baltic amber flower bracelet in sterling silver

earth tone mesh metal bracelet

Ferroni swirl, 16" leather

Regular price: $82.20
Sale price: $55.00
fleur bracelet

genuine 100% natural stingray leather bracelets alan k jewelry deco belle global jewellery

gold plated 925 sterling silver white mother of pearl long earrings from tibet mop himalaya jewelry

natural green agate pendant locally designed made in the usa sterling silver

genuine stingray leather 8" bracelets

gold plated 925 white MOP earrings

Regular price: $53.00
Sale price: $44.00
green natural Agate pendant

handcrafted cameo portrait locket pendant in genuine baltic amber from poland

Turquoise natural earrings red coral jewellery 925 sterling silver nepal himalayas

leaf Baltic Amber pendant

hand carved Cameo locket

Kaski Turquoise earrings

leaf Baltic Amber pendant

natural genuine leather modern red brown black cuff bracelets handmade in the usa jewelry free shipping

antique look men's celtic spinner ring in 925 sterling silver plus size jewelry for unisex

white mop mother of pearl handcarved butterfly animal earrings nepal artisan handcrafted jewelry free shipping jewellery

leather mod bracelets

Regular price: $32.00
Sale price: $24.00
loose weave spinner ring

Mother of Pearl butterfly earrings

Regular price: $45.00
Sale price: $33.00
butterscotch white transparent baltic amber pendant in sterling silver

natural brown/gold Agate pendant

natural gemstone milky white genuine agate from the usa pendant

multi transparent pendant

Regular price: $68.50
Sale price: $57.00
natural brown/gold Agate pendant

natural brown/gold/black Agate pendant

yellow green honey cognac multi-color baltic amber bracelet in sterling silver

large paua shell pendant in sterling silver from new zealand

Pokhara Turquoise natural gemstone earrings himalaya jewellery earrings

open drop Amber bracelet

Paua Shell large pendant

Regular price: $38.50
Sale price: $26.00
Pokhara Turquoise earrings

iskin contemporary buenos aires design jewelry pop aluminum interchangeable color ring jewellery

collar rueda larga perfectos dragones fabric eco-leather reversible large round wheel necklace argentina jewelry

cheap men's 925 sterling silver rope spinner ring unisex floater ring plus size jewelry

pop aluminum interchangeable ring

reversible round long necklace

rope spinner ring

honey cognac yellow green baltic amber multi-color necklace in 925 sterling silver

ohm sanskrit inscribed engraved 925 sterling silver spinner ring plus size jewelry unisex men's ring

shiva's eye earrings eye of shiva augen intact white jewelry

royal embrace princess necklace

Sanskrit spinner ring

Shiva's Eye earrings

shiva augen pendant eye of shiva intact shell jewelry

iskin contemporary leather jewelry handmade snakeskin argentinean leather bracelet at decobelle

multi color authentic baltic amber earrings of fossil in 925 sterling silver from poland

Shiva's Eye pendant

snake wide leather bracelet

tri color Amber starbursts

triple Amber band

925 sterling silver natural turquoise red coral gemstone bracelet jewelry free shipping jewellery

Turquoise dream catcher earrings

triple Amber band

Turquoise Coral rectangular bracelet

Turquoise dream catcher earrings

zebra Ambe landscape pendant

zebra Ambe landscape pendant


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Natural Earth Boho