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best selling jewelry on the net, hottest selling sterling silver jewelry
best selling jewelry on the net, hottest selling sterling silver jewelry
Our bestsellers, the most popular jewelry sales in our site: Select your favorite styles, colors, and sizes, before these top sellers are Sold Out and cannot be replaced.

We also carry a wide selection of one of a kind, unique gemstone, Art Deco, hand-painted, vintage tribal, hand-carved jewelry, that you can't find anywhere else! Shop by price, or with our Gift Finder page for more suggestions.

Unsure of your ring size or curious as to how Murano glass affects a rings sizing? Our Ring Sizer Chart breaks it down, for 7 countries no less.

$50 Gift Certificate

handcrafted handpoured organic raw shea butter olive oil lip balm beeswax

4mm bezel CZ necklace

$50 Gift Certificate

3 pack organic shea butter lip balms

4mm bezel CZ necklace

pebeta teta Sol Maria Zwierzynski Sudak laser-cut silhouette modern retro naturaleza nature jewelry

art deco turquoise blue millacreli millefiori murano glass pendant by alan k jewelry decobelle

art deco starburst grand earrings

ant bitten leaf earrings

Art Deco Millacreli pendants

art deco starburst grand earrings

organic bee propolis honey hempseed oil lip balms small batch handcrafted

organic salves in tin with lid comfrey organic plantain and white yarrow yellow salve tuned to solfeggio frequency

perfectos dragones jewelry stretch bracelet in gold and silver lycra hand made in buenos aires

bee propolis, honey lip balms

bone and muscle salve

$18.00, 2/$32.00, 3/$45.00, 6/$74.00
braided bracelet

two organic handcrafted cayenne spice anti-inflammatory local bee product 2 fluid oz salves

hand-made tibet artisan himalayan coral necklace in sterling silver ethnic jewelry

tibet himalaya jewelry coral turquoise vintage gemstone pendant 925 sterling silver jewellery

cayenne spice salve

$18.00, 2/$32.00, 3/$45.00, 6/$74.00
Coral strand necklace

Coral Turquoise filigree pendant

abalone shell earrings art deco jewelry in 925 sterling silver retro vintage inspired

Deco tri color

military inspired trend earth tone olive bronze brown mesh metal basket weave bracelet cuff made in usa jewelry

Deco Abalone fans

Deco tri color

earth tone mesh metal bracelet

Regular price: $35.00
Sale price: $26.00, 2/$48.00, 3/$59.00
crystal lunar infused elite noble shungite soaps wrapped in ribbon with wooden soap riser tray

fleur hand-painted enamel clip-on earrings

grey millacreli murano glass ring from italy of alan k design set in 925 sterling silver

elite noble shungite soap

fleur hand-painted enamel clip-on earrings

grey marquise Millacreli

handcrafted cameo portrait locket pendant in genuine baltic amber from poland

gold silver thick braided mr t necklace jewelry free shipping gift wrap jewellery

long link catherine popesco gold crystal necklace la vie parisienne jewelry decobelle world jewellery

hand carved Cameo locket

large braided metal tone necklace

long single/double link necklace

toluca mexico handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry lovebird earrings lovebird mexican jewellery

mix and match 3 or more oil rollers

ms miss pacman vintage 1980s brooch pin by pebeta teta brass jewelry sol maria sudak

love birds round cut-out earrings

mix and match 3 or more oil rollers

Ms Pacman brooch

glass dropper bottle handcrafted organic beard oil tuning fork and bamboo beard comb

top,best seller,hot,limited edition, collector pieces, sterling silver gold jewelry

925 sterling silver swarovski pacific opal catherine popesco bracelet la vie parisienne jewelry

organic beard oil

Out of Stock

pacific opal crystal bracelet

2 oz glass blue spray bottle with palo santo frankincese and lavender essential oils to cleanse aura

x-large professional soft jewelry travel roll to organize jewellery on the go

rectangular millefiori glass venetian murano pendant jewelry by alan k jewellery

Palo Santo smudge spray

$16.00, 3/$41.00, 5/$64.00
professional deluxe jewelry roll

rectangular millefiori pendant

velvet red rose ring box for valentine's day wedding proposal

rose quartz crystal infused water aura sage smudge spray in 2 oz glass spray bottle tuned to solfeggio frequency 639 Hz love, communication and compassion

round millacreli inlay glass pendant by alan k in sterling silver

red rose ring box

$16.99, 2/$27.00, 3/$32.00
Rose Geranium aura spray

$16.00, 3/$41.00, 5/$64.00
round inlay Millacreli pendant

alan k millefiori art glass venetian italian pendant deco belle jewelry multi color

venetian handcrafted italian jewelry by alan k sterling silver red resin ring

amla berry powder oil sea moss gel black cumin seed tea tree oil shungite shampoo bar for hair

round multi color millefiori pendant

silver and red flower heart Designo ring

SLS free organic shampoo bar

Pebeta teta sol maria zudak acrylic resin plastic jewelry made in buenos aires argentina


wedding jewelry renaissance earrings from la vie parisienne french enamel jewelry collection

tea pot silhouette necklace


wedding hand-painted enamel earrings

wound scar organic handcrafted bee propolis salve tuned with solfeggio frequencies in tin with lid

wound-scar salve

$18.00, 2/$32.00, 3/$45.00, 6/$74.00

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