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clear arkansas tangerine golden healer lemurian seed morion quartz gem essence elixir blend in glass 1 oz dropper bottle
clear arkansas tangerine golden healer lemurian seed morion quartz gem essence elixir blend in glass 1 oz dropper bottle

love thyself gem essence blend

Love thyself and accept oneself as their fabulous self that they are. We are usually harder on ourselves than anyone else, time to show ourselves the same love and compassion that we have for those close to us.

The vibrational energy of each mineral (crystals pictured not included in sale) and flower, is captured in a glass bottle, all made via the indirect method with a clear natural quartz bowl between the mineral and the filtered water.

In this blend is included:
  • Crab Apple flower: For the focus on perfection within oneself.
  • Gray Leaved Euryops flower: Stand out and shine, no need to be among a pack as knowing your truth and being able to stand tall on one's one helps draw others to you without being codependent. Love and accept the self, and let that beauty shine!
  • Wild Azalea flower: Self-love and accept onself as they are not “in the future when I have X or Y”, now.
  • Clear Arkansas Quartz: Energy amplification and programmability to love oneself and promote the highest good for the self.
  • Golden Healer Arkansas Quartz: Activate healing on a physical, emotional, and mental level by accessing the highest vibrations so that one can raise the frequencies in their body and release blockages and unwanted thoughts and energies, encourage peace and harmony.
  • Lemurian Seed Quartz: Discovered in 1999 on a bed of sand in Brazil, not in a mine like more other quartz, these powerful wands with striations-ladder like horizontal grooves along the sides, they facilitate recovery of inner perfection.
  • Morion Quartz: Helps to overcome the effects of stress and aids in exploring your shadow energies and finding their gift, imparting the courage to overcome obstacles and find trust once again, and support self-esteem and inner confidence.
  • Tangerine Lemurian Seed Quartz: Helps to take one beyond their limited belief system into a more positive vibration. It demonstrates that like attracts like. Promotes inner self evaluation and evolution.
All Deco Belle gem essence blends include a detailed write up of the gem and flower essences, complete with scientific name, and believed healing energy and metaphysical properties of the mineral. Belle Organics wellness products are non-refundable. Color of glass dropper bottle may vary depending on availability.

This gem essence blend is handcrafted by using 8 individual gem and flower essences in filtered water with brandy (default) as a preservative to extend shelf life. As an option and no additional cost, organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) can be substituted instead of brandy, though this will result in a shorter shelf life and ACV tastes more bitter.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA. This is not meant to replace conventional medicine. This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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love thyself gem essence