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alan k millefiori millacreli murano handblown glass jewelry 100% argentina leather iskin jewellery la vie parisienne catherine popesco
alan k millefiori millacreli murano handblown glass jewelry 100% argentina leather iskin jewellery la vie parisienne catherine popesco
See even more photos of our Catherine Popesco jewelry as photographed in an Editorial Photo Shoot. French La Vie Parisienne enamel and crystal earrings are a throwback to the vintage style. Each item is plated in 14kt Gold or 925 Sterling Silver in the authentic Art Nouveau or Art Deco vintage inspired designs.

Bold and big on a grand scale, Alan K Murano glass jewelry styles have emerged. Candy-like, vivid colors in the Millacreli collections are contrasted against the faceted, elegant Murano Grand Collections, radically different styles, yet oh so gorgeous!

Like crystals? See our new gem essences collection and more organic wellness products.

organic bath salts in 6 oz glass jar with cork lid and wax seal and 9 oz food grade kraft bag with bamboo wooden scoop

jade pyrite gem essence elixir in glass dropper bottle of an abundance prosperity mixture of crystal healing energy

organic herbal anxiety elixir Ashwagandha Codonopsis tincture flower gem essence in glass dropper bottles 1 2 oz size

6 and 9oz bath salts

abundance and prosperity gem essence blend

anxiety smoother tincture

banish negativiTEA

silicone shampoo brush plastic and wood soap riser trays bamboo bath scoop and beard comb

dead himalaya bath salts in plastic tube with aluminium cap in three pack for foot soak

banish negativiTEA

bath accessories

bath salt trio

organic bee propolis honey hempseed oil lip balms small batch handcrafted

organic best digest oil roller blend glass bottle with crystals flower and gem essences

black white parrot animal alan k venetian millefiori murano italian glass earrings jewelry

bee propolis, honey lip balms

best digest oil roller blend

$16.00, 3/$40.00
black white parrot millefiori earrings

organic salves in tin with lid comfrey organic plantain and white yarrow yellow salve tuned to solfeggio frequency

two organic handcrafted cayenne spice anti-inflammatory local bee product 2 fluid oz salves

elite noble shungite smoky quartz crystal cedarwood aura sage smudge spray 2 oz glass bottle with 417 Hz solfeggio frequency

bone and muscle salve

$18.00, 2/$32.00, 3/$45.00, 6/$74.00
cayenne spice salve

$18.00, 2/$32.00, 3/$45.00, 6/$74.00
Cedarwood smudge spray

$16.00, 3/$41.00, 5/$64.00

glass bottle custom blend gem essence citrine fluorite azurite arkansas clear quartz

organic rose infused macadamia argan cuticle repair oil

confidence gem elixir essence

custom gem essences


$7.50, 3/$19.00
organic rose infused macadamia argan cuticle repair oil


smoky quartz and elite noble shungite infused lunar water with frankincense and sage essential oils in aura smudge spray 2 oz glass spray bottle


$7.50, 3/$19.00

Frankincense sage smudge spray

$16.00, 3/$41.00, 5/$64.00
blue green turquoise millacreli murano glass earrings from venice by alan k jewellery in silver

clear multi-color millefiori murano glass long earrings sterling silver jewelry by alan k jewellery

organic herbal tea chamomile flowers passionflower provence lavender buds in clear rock quartz crystal bowl

glacier blue Millefiori earrings

green multi-color Millefiori long earrings

headache-migraine tea

organic immunity herbal tea in clear rock quartz bowl with echinacea, elderberry, star anise and more

handcrafted organic incense non-perfume dipped cones frankincense myrrrh resin

amethyst geode towers lepidolite sphere elite noble shungite nuggets sugulite charoite gem essence elixir in glass dropper bottle

immuniTEA organic tea

incense cones

$8.88, 2/$14.88
Indigo soul gem essence

alan k millefiori murano art glass mother of pearl long dangling earrings sterling silver jewellery

clear arkansas tangerine golden healer lemurian seed morion quartz gem essence elixir blend in glass 1 oz dropper bottle

love your liver tea

iridescent Murano grand glass earrings

love thyself gem essence

love your liver tea

love your lungs organic tea

mens health tea

multi-color purple green blue yellow flourites lapis lazuli cubic pyrite on rock matrix black tourmaline schorl crystals gem and flower essence dropper bottle elixir blend

love your lungs organic tea

mens health tea

mental focus gem essence

headache and migraine relief essential oil roller blend with fractionated coconut and jojoba oil with flower and gem essences

alan k venetian murano italian glass sterling silver jewelry red and white flower jewellery

yellow and green alan k millefiori murano glass earrings sterling silver rhodium jewelry

migraine-headache relief oil roller

$16.00, 3/$40.00
millefiori slice of flowers red and white earrings

Millefiori yellow and green earrings

calendula flower frame cayenne spice anti-inflammatory wound scar bone setter comfrey salve

mix and match 3 or more oil rollers

mix and match glass dropper bottles with crystal gem essence blends

mix and match 2 or more salves

mix and match 3 or more oil rollers

mix and match gem essence blends

2 amla sea moss gel shampoo bars 1 shungite crystal soap with purple silicone shampoo brush

handmade multi-color venetian millefiori murano glass sterling silver earrings by alan k

long alan k millacreli millefiori murano italian glass earrings silver jewelry

mix and match large soap promo

multi-color millefiori leaf earrings

multi-color pear Millacrelli earrings

Alan K venetian murano millefiori glass turuqoise blue orange green white cz cubic zirconia sterling silver pendant necklace

glass dropper bottle handcrafted organic beard oil tuning fork and bamboo beard comb

earl gray grey cream organic herbal tea in clear rock quartz bowl with orange peel and blue cornflowers

Multicolor Millefiori cross pendant w/CZ accents

organic beard oil

organic earl grey cream tea

organic immunity booster tincture of echinacea root, elderberry in glass dropper bottle

Organic loose incense resin herbs charcoal disk tong crystal healing energy

organic loose incense kit of love potion with rose and dragons blood resin in tin and glass cork jar with charcoal disks and spoon

Organic immunity booster tincture

organic incense deluxe kit

organic incense tin kit

2 oz glass blue spray bottle with palo santo frankincese and lavender essential oils to cleanse aura

pink white lavender millefiori murano glass drop long earrings elegant alan k sterling silver jewelry

black white millefiori venetinan glass earrings by alan k designs in sterling silver

Palo Santo smudge spray

$16.00, 3/$41.00, 5/$64.00
Pink drop Millefiori earrings

pink free hook 12mm earrings

alan k venetian millefiori murano art glass red round earrings sterling silver rhodium plated jewelry

golden healer arkansas quartz lemurian aquatine calcite tugtupite gem essence lockdown anxiety crystal elixir in glass dropper bottle

rose quartz crystal infused water aura sage smudge spray in 2 oz glass spray bottle tuned to solfeggio frequency 639 Hz love, communication and compassion

red 10mm earrings

reframing the lockdown gem essence

Rose Geranium aura spray

$16.00, 3/$41.00, 5/$64.00
fast absorbing macadamia argan jojoba rose body oil with crystals in glass bottle solfeggio frequency 639 Hz tuned

three glass amber dropper bottles with smallest on left, largest on right of scalp follicle and hair oil with amla argan and black cumin seed

sleepy organic tea

Rose Quartz body oil

scalp and hair oil

sleepy organic tea

lotus flower shape silicone soap dish tray in various colors pink white blue green

spectrolite sunset labradorite honey calcite aura protect strengthen gem essence in glass dropper bottle

stress less relax calm mind hornbeam yellow ginger flower dioptase bustamite jade tiger eye gem essence glass dropper bottle elixir


strengthen boundaries gem essence

stress less gem essence

crystal, flower and gem essence essential oil roller blend in glass bottle stress less calm

rhodochrosite rhodolite garnet honey opal hibiscus spineless prickly pear flower and gem essences for sexual abuse survivor glass bottle dropper

organic paraben petroleum mica synthetic dye free naturally tinted hibiscus handcrafted lip balm

stress less oil roller

$16.00, 3/$40.00
survivor gem and flower essence blend

Vitamin C lip Balm

$6.00, 3/$15.00
dangling star Millefiori murano glass earrings by Alan K jewellery

endometriosis and fibroid be gone essential oil roller blend with sticky monkey flower and gem essences in glass bottle

womb love organic tea

white millefiori 12mm stud earrings

womb love oil roller blends

$16.00, 3/$40.00
womb love organic tea

wound scar organic handcrafted bee propolis salve tuned with solfeggio frequencies in tin with lid

wound-scar salve

$18.00, 2/$32.00, 3/$45.00, 6/$74.00

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